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Button Bashing

A lot of people, myself included, would say that mental health issues isolate the sufferer. They make you believe that you are a burden to everyone. They make you feel paranoid that everyone is talking about you. They make you question your self-worth, and sense of identity. You lose sight of where you fit –… Continue reading Button Bashing


Working on my tan

As most of you know, 2017 was not my year. Or maybe it was, depending on your perspective. I am alive to see the beginning of 2018… I survived 2017… so I guess that counts for something. It is only because of a stellar group of support people – my champions, as I have previously… Continue reading Working on my tan

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Voting No? Read this First.

I am taking time out from my usual mental health awareness posts, to discuss the proposed legislation changes in Australia in regards to marriage. This is a topic about which I am extremely passionate, and I believe that we need to consider some of the facts regarding this issue. For the purposes of this discussion,… Continue reading Voting No? Read this First.