Love: put a Ring on It


I haven’t been online in a while… in the blogging sense. I have, instead, been absolutely (happily) overwhelmed with my other life – which is work. I, unlike an overwhelming percent of the population, actually love my job. Maybe it is because I created it from the ground up, I am my own boss, and I do most of my hours chilling in my pajama pants and socks… or maybe it’s because I get to photograph people in love every weekend, go to a party, dance behind my lenses. Either way, Wedding Season is in full swing, and I am swamped.

I feel like I need to take a break from my snapping and editing, because the wedding game as we know it is about to explode with a giant, fabulous, rainbow coloured, ball of glitter – and I for one, CAN NOT WAIT. I can’t even begin to imagine the level of fabulous that these love parties are going to showcase, and even more than that, I feel so privileged to be one of few people who will be there to witness, and capture, that moment in time when history changes for this couple. The moment in time that the world says, you are here, you are in love, and we, all of us, we recognise, and we celebrate you. That moment when this newly married couple share their first kiss. Or the moment when someone once a ‘partner’, is introduced as a ‘husband’, or a ‘wife’. What an absolutely magical part of history to be part of – and better than being part of it – what an honour to be one of the ones to capture it.

Even better than Australia finally catching up, and realising that equality is kind of a big deal… is that they have done it without watering down our discrimination laws. I have blogged before on why it is not your ‘right’ as a business owner to discriminate against anyone, gay, straight, or otherwise… and I am firmly of the view that this bill, with any alteration to the discriminatory aspects, would have been one step forward with ten steps back.

I think the issue, is that people are forgetting that discrimination in any form against someone based on sexual orientation is already illegal. It isn’t being added to the list (having said that, if it wasn’t already it illegal, it definitely should be added to the list). You are not losing any current ‘right’. It is already not you right, despite with whatever religion, belief system, or otherwise, that you rest your faith, to discriminate. Granting another group of people their basic civil rights, does not mean you lose any of yours. It doesn’t work like that… it’s not a pie.

So no. It is not ‘ok’ to say No. It is discriminatory. It is denying a minority equal rights. And soon, thank heavens, it will be illegal.

I cannot even begin to imagine the appalling things some of our nation have had to endure thanks to this debate about their lives, and their loves. I am ashamed that I have had to be part of a process that even makes me answer a question synonymous with, ‘should the law be rectified to provide everyone in Australia equal rights?’

But I did. I do.

We all do.

And we won. Love won.

So to everyone, no matter who you love, if ya like it – put a ring on it!

And if you need a fabulous photographer, don’t forget about your fav blogger 😉